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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a service we here at Wizard Window Cleaning in orange county have been offering for quite a while now, and while it is not the main thing we do, it is a very important one.  Cleaning gutters is something that individuals and businesses recognize as a very important part of building maintenance.  Gutters are typically added to buildings to help ensure the rainwater is directed to a location that is safe and convenient.  When the gutters get clogged up they will begin running over the sides which can have a variety of negative consequences.

Dont let this be you!

Some people don’t realize that a good gutter system can help protect the foundation of any home or business by keeping the majority of the rain water away from this area.  Without a working gutter the water will often fall directly to the foundation area and sit there for hours or even days which can significantly reduce the lifespan and safety of any building.  In addition, when the water from rain is running over the gutters there is no way to predict where it will land.  This often means that you will get a downpour in the most inconvenient places such as right over a doorway where it could drench you or your customers.

Gutter cleaning can be a very dangerous job if you don’t have the proper equipment.  Wizard Window Cleaning  is able to reach gutters at any height quickly and safely to ensure they are completely cleaned out.  The removal of leaves, needles and other debris will keep your gutters functioning properly for many years.  Keeping them clean also extends the life of your roof and gutter system by ensuring the extra weight from the water and debris does not pull the gutters down.

For many customers we are able to do the gutter cleaning at the same time as we do our professional window washing.  This can save you a lot of time and money by combining these two services we offer into one trip.  It is much easier to keep your gutters clean when we already have our equipment out at your location than it would be to make a separate company come out to perform that one task.

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